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Dollar General is a leading US retailer founded by JL Turner and his son CAL Turner. Dollar General, headquartered at 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, is one of the most popular multinational corporations in the United States today.


The authentic portal designed by Dollar General is DGCustomerFirst, a very simple and secure website. Customers can simply enter their purchase details and enter the online contest.

DG launched a weekly $ 100 raffle to help strengthen relationships with its gemstone customers. Also, they can easily analyze your services and adjust them if necessary.

DGCustomerFirst offers rewards ranging from $ 3 to $ 15 for each coupon and a $ 100 prize. Dollar General announces four winners each week. The same customer can only participate once per draw.

As a thank you to The Dollar General, we have created this site to provide the guidelines and information necessary to complete the DGCustomerFirst.Com Feedback Survey. You can also earn a gift program ticket by completing this customer satisfaction survey.

DGCustomerFirst about us

Additionally, the companies featured on our DGCustomerFirst survey website want helpful feedback from their customers. Please complete the customer satisfaction survey as soon as possible. In addition, the respective team or organization offers gift vouchers/rewards/coupons/discount prices for participating in customer surveys.

That’s why we offer you a comprehensive guide to customer satisfaction surveys. We clarify all the points so that the client can participate in the survey.

So if you are one of the customers and want to share your thoughts on the organization/restaurant in question, the DGCustomerFirst.Com website will help you.

Also, some of the prizes are direct prizes and some of them are raffle prizes. Therefore, we do not guarantee these contest rewards. Because the raffle prizes depend exclusively on individual luck. 

Good Quality is the synonym for Dollar General. Kindly, note that this DGCustomerFirst website is not affiliated with the original The Dollar General and the Customer Feedback site.